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How much does Filemonk cost?

Filemonk has multiple plans, each designed to be as affordable as possible through every stage of your Shopify journey. All plans have an order limit, and you should select one based on how many orders you expect to get per month.

To see the latest plans and their prices, click 'Plans' in the left menu bar.
Click on each of the plans to see the features.

What do you mean by "order limit"?
Order limit is the number of digital orders Filemonk will process for a billing cycle. For example -  on the Lite plan, Filemonk will process upto 100 orders containing digital products per month. The order limit resets every month on the reset date mentioned on the Home page of your Filemonk dashboard.

Does the size of files or number of downloads affect the order limit?
No, your usage of Filemonk is only based on the number of orders. Customers can download the file as many times as they want to, and there's no limit on size of file either.

What happens if I cross the order limit?
On the Free plan, Filemonk will stop processing orders. You need to upgrade your plan to ensure customers get their downloads.

Are imported orders counted towards the order limit?
If you import existing orders on your store to Filemonk, they will be considered towards your plan limit. Before importing your orders, get in touch with us to understand the charges you may incur.

For paid plans, Filemonk will continue sending downloads & you will be charged a fee per order above the plan limit. Example - the Lite plan allows you to sell 100 digital orders per month. If you end up with 250 orders, you will be charged (250-100) * 0.15 = $22.5 in additional fees.

What is app spending limit?
Filemonk issues usage charges which can include a spending limit that prevents charges from exceeding a maximum threshold over the duration of the billing period. The $2000 app spending limit is put in place for additional usage fee upon extra orders after exceeding the plans order limit. The charges will only take place if the order limit is exceeded, if not, there will be no additional charges outside of the monthly subscription charge.

Updated on: 12/04/2024

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