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Sell customized or personalized digital products

If you sell customized digital products - like art made to a specific customer's needs, look no further than Filemonk to help you with it.

To help you understand how selling custom products work, let's set the stage with an example: As a designer, you sell personalized t-shirt graphics. You want a customer to place an order for the personalized graphic service. After getting the order, you get your client's requirements, prepare the graphics and then deliver it to them.

How to set up

Step 1: Create Shopify product listing
Follow this guide to create a Shopify product listing for your custom service in Shopify admin. If you have multiple custom products, create a Shopify product for each of them.

Step 2: Make it a digital product
After creating the product in Shopify admin, click "More Actions" towards the top right corner of your screen and hit "Manage digital downloads". You'll be redirected to Filemonk.

On this page, enable 'Sell as a custom product'. Your product is now ready to be purchased!

Note: Orders that have contain only custom products will not have emails sent automatically. Please check step 5 for more information on how to send emails for orders with custom products.

Step 3: Receive your order & prepare the content
You're now all set up to receive orders for your custom product. When a customer places their order, it will appear in the 'Orders' section of Filemonk. With a note saying "Custom products purchased".

Prepare your content for the purchase. When you're ready, come back here and click on the order

Step 4: Upload to the order
Scroll down to 'Custom files' and click any of the actions to prepare your files for delivery to this order.

Upload files: Upload one or more files stored on your computer.
Create file from link: Add a link to a file hosted on Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

Step 5: Send!
And you're now ready to send your files!

Click 'Send email' in the top right section of this page.

Your customer will receive a link to download their files. The link takes them to a Download page, where they'll see their custom files ready to download.

Updated on: 25/04/2024

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