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Switch from another app to Filemonk

Switching from another Shopify app?

Well, first: Welcome to Filemonk! You've made the right choice: Filemonk is easy to set up and designed to help you in every step of your entrepreneurial journey.

Second: your most important concerns are likely setting up the app to sell more digital products and ensuring that your existing customers can continue to access their files. We've got you covered!

Set up Filemonk

Follow this guide to import your configuration into Filemonk. You'll prepare a CSV containing your file names and the products you want to link them to. Upload it to Filemonk and we'll handle everything else.

Configure email

Next, update your email settings to send download links immediately after purchase. Customize the template to add your brand colors. You can also add a 'Download' button to Thank You page.

Import orders

Finally, import your existing orders into Filemonk. This will notify your customers with a new download link right away, ensuring a smooth transition for them

Updated on: 04/01/2024

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